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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Here's a tutorial of how to create a simple "soap-cutting" simulation using 3ds Max and TyFlow. The simulation processes very quickly, and is easy to set up. This method can be applied to any type of geometry. In future tutorials, I can cover using voxels within TyFlow to create other things like grain simulations, etc.

You can download these project files from the Modulatr project (link below). If you make something cool with the file, you can post a new branch to the Modulatr project. Check it out here:

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Thanks for watching!

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Kyle from the Simulation Lab team presented some AR/VR research at the 2017 Nvidia Graphics Technology conference. Kyle presented the R&D work on behalf of Gilbane Building Company with his colleague Ken. During the talk, they cover standard BIM tools used for planning and logistics for construction, laser scanning methods, and visualization techniques by use of GPU-accelerated game engines and real-time rendering.

The bulk of the presentation focused on the development of augmented and virtual reality planning and safety tools, which would be utilized by the project designers, construction management team, and field staff. The goal for these AR/VR tools is to provide optimal analysis, logistics planning, and safety simulation in order to make the construction process faster, less expensive, and more safe.

The virtual reality experiences were created using the Unreal 4 Game Engine, Revit for architectural modeling, and 3ds Max for asset and environment creation. The interactivity of the game was developed in UE4 using Blueprints for scripting. The VR experiences were viewed using HTC Vive headsets, and AR was created for the Microsoft Hololens.

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We've been getting numerous requests to make tutorials on some of the simulation studies that we share on social media, so we will be sharing them in a blog-format here. We plan to create software tutorials covering the following:

-3ds Max and various plugins

-TyFlow for 3ds Max

-Phoenix FD fluid, smoke, and other simulation techniques

-Unreal 4 Game Engine (blueprints, level creation, lighting, etc.)

-Augmented Reality with Unity and Artivive

-Rendering engines (Vray, Fstorm, Octane, Redshift)

-Cinema 4D

-Scripting and simulation methods

-Architectural and product visualization techniques

-Rhino and Grasshopper

-Any other 3D tools that you guys want to learn

We're looking forward to sharing some of our knowledge with our fellow 3D geeks, so please feel free to reach out if you want a tutorial on how we did something in particular.

We will also be sharing our tutorials and project files on Modulatr. You can check out some of our current projects, files, and tutorials here:

Stay tuned!



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For current tutorials, visit us on YouTube

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