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Free Tutorials? Coming right up!


We've been getting numerous requests to make tutorials on some of the simulation studies that we share on social media, so we will be sharing them in a blog-format here. We plan to create software tutorials covering the following:

-3ds Max and various plugins

-TyFlow for 3ds Max

-Phoenix FD fluid, smoke, and other simulation techniques

-Unreal 4 Game Engine (blueprints, level creation, lighting, etc.)

-Augmented Reality with Unity and Artivive

-Rendering engines (Vray, Fstorm, Octane, Redshift)

-Cinema 4D

-Scripting and simulation methods

-Architectural and product visualization techniques

-Rhino and Grasshopper

-Any other 3D tools that you guys want to learn

We're looking forward to sharing some of our knowledge with our fellow 3D geeks, so please feel free to reach out if you want a tutorial on how we did something in particular.

We will also be sharing our tutorials and project files on Modulatr. You can check out some of our current projects, files, and tutorials here:

Stay tuned!



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