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AR/VR for Learning, Planning, and Safety in Construction

Kyle from the Simulation Lab team presented some AR/VR research at the 2017 Nvidia Graphics Technology conference. Kyle presented the R&D work on behalf of Gilbane Building Company with his colleague Ken. During the talk, they cover standard BIM tools used for planning and logistics for construction, laser scanning methods, and visualization techniques by use of GPU-accelerated game engines and real-time rendering.

The bulk of the presentation focused on the development of augmented and virtual reality planning and safety tools, which would be utilized by the project designers, construction management team, and field staff. The goal for these AR/VR tools is to provide optimal analysis, logistics planning, and safety simulation in order to make the construction process faster, less expensive, and more safe.

The virtual reality experiences were created using the Unreal 4 Game Engine, Revit for architectural modeling, and 3ds Max for asset and environment creation. The interactivity of the game was developed in UE4 using Blueprints for scripting. The VR experiences were viewed using HTC Vive headsets, and AR was created for the Microsoft Hololens.

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