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Work Session/Tutorial: Character Rigging and Dynamics!

I've been feeling somewhat festive this holiday season, so I decided to rig up a nutcracker dude, and animate him smashing some chestnuts! So, he's become more of a SAVAGE NUT NINJA than a simple nutcracker, lol.

This video is more of a work session than a tutorial, but during the video I cover a basic character rigging method using the standard 3ds Max biped. We then skin our rig with a nutcracker doll model using the skin modifier, and adjust the skin weights. Once our character is skinned, we apply some animation, and set up a simple TyFlow configuration to allow our character to dynamically break some chestnuts that are thrown at him!

Check out the work session below!

I'll be posting the final animation to instagram, so check it out once it's live!

If you found the video to be helpful, please like/subscribe on YouTube, and let me know what you thought of it in the comments <3

Thanks for watching/reading, and I hope you have a great holiday!!

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