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Tutorial: Foam/Sand Squishing!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Hey everyone! We're back with another tutorial using 3ds Max and TyFlow to create a squishy foam/sand animation. In the tutorial, we cover setting up a simple grain simulation using voxel particles, binding the particles together, and smashing through them with an animated hand. Check out the tutorial here:

ASMR videos are very popular, mostly because they are easy to make. However, when we create digital simulations of them, we have limitless possibilities! You can easily replicate this same voxel simulation on any type of object, which can get really interesting. For instance, you can make a super-complex 3D model of a huge castle, voxelize it, and smash it! We are only limited by our imagination in the digital world. How empowering is that?!

You can download the sample 3ds max file from the Modulatr project below. If you tweak it and make something cool, you can share your branch to the Modulatr project! Check out the link here:

If you liked the tutorial, please like/subscribe to my channel on YouTube, and follow @simulationlab on Instagram for new on future tutorials and future digital art experiments.

Thanks for reading!

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