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Modulatr is a webapp built by Simulation Lab, currently in beta. It's a collaboration platform for open-source art projects. Our amazing community has been creating many things including motion graphics, video games, architectural visualization, and much more. You can visit the link below to view the platform:

Every project on Modulatr is intended to be a collaborative experience, where anyone can contribute to any project that they find interest in. That means you’ll have to opportunity to directly influence the development of any project, and add your own unique vision. We’re calling this system, Decentralized Democratic Collaboration.

In some ways, Modulatr is a social experiment, which is intended to break the mold concerning how our society values intellectual property, artistic principals, and free thought. The intended goal is to cross-pollinate ideas between all sorts of creative disciplines. For good or bad, order or chaos, it's up to you [the creative dreamer] to discover ways to use Modulatr.

Here's a promotional video for our latest build of the Modulatr platform:

Check out our Instagram feed, where we curate amazing art projects:

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