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Select pieces from the Simulation Lab art catalog are available for purchase on the following crypto-art markets:

  • What is crypto art?
    Crypto art utilizes emerging blockchain technology to allow digital artists to sell their art. On the marketplaces above, each piece of art is stored on the Ethereum blockchain as a rare token or NFT (non-fungible token). When purchasing a piece of digital art, you own the token, which can never be duplicated or modified. This tokenization makes a piece of crypto art "rare". The concept is based on digital scarcity, which allows a collector to buy, sell, and trade these NFT's as if the were physical pieces of art.
  • Why should I care about crypto art?
    Crypto art is an investment, just the same as purchasing physical art. A purchased piece of digital crypto art presumably increases in value over time as the artist continues growing their brand, again just the same with physical artists. The artist directly benefits from the commission, and the collector ultimately benefits from secondary sales if the collector chooses to sell. For more information, you can watch this video from SuperRare:
  • How do I purchase/collect crypto art?
    It's a painless process. Sign up as a collector on either of the marketplaces above, and you'll be prompted for the following: 1. Download the MetaMask extension for your browser. This will act as a "wallet" for your cryptocurrency. You'll be promted to sign up, and save a pass-phrase, etc. Once the extension is installed, you should see a little fox icon in the upper-right corner of your browser. 2. Download and sign up for a cryptocurrency trading app, such as Gemini or Coinbase. In order to purchase NFT art pieces, you'll need to use Ether, which is the main cryptocurrecy of the Ethereum blockchain. Once you have a trading app on your phone or browser, you can purchase some Ether using regular currency like USD. 3. Transfer some of your Ether into your MetaMask wallet by linking it through your trading app. 4. Once you see your Ether in your MetaMask wallet in your browser, you're ready to place bids on crypto art!
  • What can I do with an NFT once I own it?
    Many collectors place their purchased NFT's for sale in secondary auctions in the marketplaces where they originally purchased them from. In most cases, the value of the NFT will increase over time, yeilding a profit for the collector. This is especially the case as the original creator continues making art, growing their following, and establishing greater notoriety. You can also hold onto the purchased NFT, and display it on your phone or at home using devides such as smart TV's, or on a digital picture frame from Infinite Objects
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