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VR Construction Simulators

Simulation Lab worked with Gilbane Building Company to develop a series of virtual reality simulations for construction site-safety and logistics planning. The goal of the site-safety simulation was to broaden the scope of the traditionally-required OSHA-30 safety training, which is required for all field staff. Training staff in VR allows for a bodily-kinesthetic learning method, which allows trainees to 'learn by doing'. The site logistics simulations were to aid as a planning tool, which allows planners to devise delivery routes and activity sequencing in a real-time VR space.

Kyle Szostek from the Simulation Lab team, on behalf of Gilbane Building Company, presented a lecture at the 2017 NVIDIA Graphics Technology Conference. The lecture was comprised of AR/VR development work, which focused on leveraging new technology to improve methods of learning, planning, and safety training for the construction industry.

​Below is the recorded lecture from the NVIDIA Graphics Technology Conference:

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