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MetaDada is a series of exercises in technical absurdity where paintings become portals to metaphysical realities. A crossroads of physical and digital augmented & virtual realities. Rich in detail, gloopy plasma, delirious particle physics, and glitchy fish. 
This altered-reality cognitive feedback playground is a collaborative effort brought to you by electrical impulses in the cerebral cortex of both Brooklyn-based artist Morgan Winter, a carbon-based life form, and SimLab, running your current quantum simulation since 2014. Accompanied by Apeer AR’s Augmented Reality application, and coordination by Owley, MetaDada dreams at the crossroads of art and technology with pieces that stimulate the senses in this dimension through the next.

Video of the event by Brad Devins of Owley:

As MetaDada is a continued collaboration between SimLab and Morgan Winter, we are still producing experimental artwork together. Below are a few recent pieces that we've been working on:

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