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An animated short film

In a faraway galaxy, nestled among the cosmic tapestry of the stars, exists a planet of extraordinary natural beauty. Verdant forests teem with life, mighty rivers carve their paths through breathtaking landscapes, and majestic mountains touch the heavens. This planet, known as Elysara, is a paradise flourishing with abundance and life, a testament to the harmony of the cosmos.

As our story unfolds, the inhabitants of Elysara begin to evolve. They discover the power of the planet's resources and begin to harness them to fuel their own progress. At first, they live in harmony with nature, respecting the delicate balance that sustains their utopia.

However, as the years pass, Elysara's inhabitants become increasingly consumed by their desires for power and advancement. They exploit the land, mercilessly extracting its resources, particularly the abundant fossil fuels and minerals that lay hidden beneath the surface. The once-pristine landscapes become scarred with mining operations, and the air fills with the toxic fumes of industry.

The film's intense soundtrack amplifies the drama, as the rapid decline of Elysara accelerates. The lush forests wither, and the once-mighty rivers run dry. The skies darken with pollution, and the once-proud mountains crumble under the weight of their own desolation. The soundtrack crescendos to a fever pitch, mirroring the urgency and the tragedy of the planet's collapse.

As the film reaches its climax, the inhabitants of Elysara are faced with a stark choice: continue their path of destruction or find a way to restore balance to their dying world. But, it is too late. The damage done to Elysara is irreversible, and the planet's resources are utterly depleted. With no other options, the people abandon their once-lush home, leaving behind a barren wasteland as a haunting testament to the devastating consequences of their actions.

Existences is a poignant and visually stunning reminder of the delicate balance between progress and preservation. This 10-minute animated film serves as a cautionary tale, urging us all to consider the long-term impact of our choices on the world around us. At the end of the film, the inhabitance of Elysara are given a second chance in a new home. Will they learn the beauty of the natural world is a fragile gift, one that we must cherish and protect before it is lost forever, or are they destined to repeat their negligent behavior?

This film was created by Kyle Szostek in collaboration with Riccardo Buzzoni, a musician and sound designer currently residing in Italy. The film was rendered in real-time using the Unreal 5 game engine.

Watch the full-length film here:

Selected frames

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