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EtherCells is an experimental blockchain lottery game. Players from around the world can enter the game by purchasing a "cell" in the 4x4x4 matrix. If you purchase a cell, all players can view your public wallet address in your cell, marking the cell as claimed. Once all cells have been claimed, the smart contract automatically executes a function to choose a verifiably random winner, sends the pot to the winner's wallet address, and restarts the game. 

This is an interesting use-case for blockchain technology, as there is no middle-man selecting a winner, only a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Each round can last seconds, or at the speed at which blocks are processed on-chain.

This project was created with Next.JS for fast server-side rendering on any device, and 3JS for the 3D visualization of the matrix. The smart contract was created with Solidity, and is open-source, view it here. EtherCells is currently hosted on the Goerli test net, so you'll need test net Eth to play.

A demonstration of purchasing a cell from a mobile device from the smart contract, to have it appear as claimed on a different device:

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