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NFT Giveaway

"Free Your PC" will be minted as an NFT on SuperRare, and given away for free to one random lucky human. 

In order to qualify for the drawing, please fill out the form below. I'll be using to determine the winner from the list of Twitter handles. Fill out the form only once, as duplicate entry's will be culled entirely. I'll share a video of the drawing on Twitter in a "winner announcement" post.


  • An active Twitter account

  • Follow me (@simulationlab) on Twitter

  • A SuperRare account

  • If you plan to sell the piece, you'll need a MetaMask wallet, and enough ETH to accept any bids you might receive on it.

Drawing ends on May 4th, 12pm EST. The piece will be minted on SuperRare, and transferred to the winner's SuperRare account.

Are you following @simulationlab on Twitter?
Are you interested in joining a clubhouse room for the winner announcement?

Thanks for entering! Good Luck!

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